Thursday, 6 December 2012

Amla Chutney ......“ There’s two “O’s” in Goose, boys.”

Remember Goose saying it in Top Gun?? Well, I there!!... And here are my two recipes for Amla Chutney i.e. Indian “goose”berries

Spicy Amla Chutney mmskitchenbites

Amla Chutney: Teekhi 


  • Amla/Indian Gooseberry, roughly grated, about half a cup
  • Green chilies,chopped, 8
  • Garlic Cloves,chopped, 8
  • Curry leaves, a few
  • Salt, to taste
  • Oil, 1 tbsp


Heat oil in a pan and on low heat fry curry leaves + green chilies  garlic till they start turning brown. 

Take off the gas and add the grated amla to the pan. 

Mix and let it cool. 

Add salt and pound in a mortar  or pulse using food processor. Done!

Sweet Amla Chutney mmskitchenbites

Amla Chutney: Meethi


  • Amla/Indian Gooseberry, finely grated, about a cup
  • Sugar, ¾ cup or to taste { you can use gur/jaggery instead of sugar}
  • Cinnamon stick, abt 2”
  • Water, around 2 tbsp to start with and then some more if required.


Mix amla, sugar and water in a heavy bottomed pan and cook over medium low heat till sugar melts.

Add cinnamon and some water and cook on low heat till the amla turns pale golden colour. 

Cook till you get desired consistency and add water in between, if needed. 

Remove the cinnamon and cool. Done!

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