Friday, 30 November 2012

Spring Onion i got away with it I wanted to make my korean pancakes or chinese pancakes with my  honey soy drumsticks...when the maid came in the evening, realized I didn’t hv any maida :-( made kadak crispy thin Spring Onion Paranthas with atta and served it with chili dip!!...i could have tried adding the egg to see what it would taste like but by then my famous laziness had come into play

Spring Onion Paranthas 


  • Wholewheat flour
  • Spring Onions greens
  • Salt, sugar, red chilli powder
  • Oil, for frying paranthas

Instead of using the greens as stuffing, made the dough with greens added…Stiff dough…thin tawa, fried crisp

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