Friday, 30 November 2012

Rice Tikkis...with things left behind..

One of those sleepless nights again...and I craved something fried and crunchy in the morning...had some leftover stuff so thought of making Rice Tikkis/Cutlets...

Rice Tikkis/Cutlets


  • Cooked Rice, 1 cup, lightly mashed
  • Potatoes, 3-4 large, boiled, peeled and grated
  • Frozen peas, 1 cup, thawed and lightly mashed
  • Red Chili powder, 1 tsp
  • Cumin Powder, 1 tsp
  • Aamchur/Dried mango powder or Chaat Masala, 1 tsp (optional)
  • Fresh Ginger, grated, 1 tbsp
  • Fresh coriander leaves, a handful, finely chopped
  • Green chilies, finely chopped, 2-3
  • Salt, to taste
  • Oil, for shallow frying 


Nicely mix all ingredients except oil in a bowl and form into a dough.

Apply a little oil on your palms and make equal sized cutlets.

Heat a little oil in a non-stick pan. Over medium low heat, shallow fry the cutlets a few minutes until golden brown on each side .

Drain on a paper towels to soak up excess oil.

Serve hot with ketchup or chutney of your choice.


  • Replace Rice with Paneer/ Indian cottage cheese and /or added veggies of your choice like grated carrots, steamed cauliflower, bean sprouts. 

  • You can deep fry these for added crunch. If deep frying, add a couple of tablespoons of corn starch or rice flour for additional binding so that they don’t break. 

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