Monday, 4 March 2013

Green Chili Pickle...Mommy and I

And back from vacation L and back into the kitchenwell not reallyjust clicking something which I had made before I left and it is ready for me on getting back homeGreen Chilli Pickle (also made turmeric pickle but not in the mood to make another post just now)to the friends who will read this go “You made pickle!! Yikes!!!”  YES, I DID…this is what good housewives do to ensure they don’t waste anything before going on vacation and YES I am turning into my motherand talking of mothers, her version is different and is mentioned belowoff I go to have my Aloo ka Parantha with Achaar and then a teeny tiny nap J

Hari Mirchi Achaar mmskitchenbites

Hari Mirchi Achaar (Green Chilli Pickle)


  • Green Chillies, chopped, 30 gm
  • Panch Phoran, 5 gm 
  • Salt, 8 gm
  • Mustard Oil, 35 gm


Wash the green chillies thoroughly & remove the stems. 

Pat dry and ensure moisture is removed or else the pickle will turn bad. 

Cut up the chillies into small pieces. 

Pound the spice mix once or twice in a mortar & pestle (or use a rolling pin). 

In a dry sterilized glass jar with a tight lid, put in the chillies, the spice mix, salt and add the mustard oil. The oil should just cover the chillies. 

Keep the jar in a dry, sunny place for a couple of days till the chillies become pale green and soft (I left it on the kitchen window sill before leaving, if keeping it outside do remember to bring it in every evening). Pickle is ready

Use brown mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds & fennel seeds (1:1:2)
Used ‘Panch Phoron’ spice mix 
Grind the spices to a coarse powder
Lightly Pounded /just bruised
Heat mustard oil to smoking point, cool and then add
Used raw mustard oil
Add a big fat pinch of turmeric
No turmeric

Click here for Panch Phoron recipe.

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