Saturday, 19 January 2013

Khoya Matar...the real zara hatke

Sooooo while the rest of the world is busy adding Khoya* to their Gajar ka Halwas, thought I would post this one to show that there is more to khoya than just desi dessertsKhoya Matar...adapted from my mother in law’s recipe...the first recipe that I had ever used from the recipe diary she started for me...up until then, I had never cooked with Khoya and apart from this one dish, I still don’t

*Khoya is dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating in an open iron pan. Khoya is traditionally used in making Indian sweets (you can read more about it and yahoo)

Khoya Matar Sabji mmskitchenbites

Khoya Matar


  • Khoya, ½ cup
  • Matar/ Green Peas, frozen, two cups (if using fresh peas, pls. boil first )
  • Green Chillies, finely chopped, 2
  • Ginger paste, ½ tsp
  • Tomatoes, blanched, skinned and pureed, abt  ½ cup
  • Red Chilli powder, ½ tsp or to taste (for heat)
  • Kashmiri Red chilli powder, 1 tsp (for colour)
  • Coriander Powder, 2 tsp
  • Fennel powder, ½ tsp
  • Garam Masala powder, ½ tsp
  • Salt, to taste
  • Oil/Ghee, 1 tbsp
  • Water, ½ cup


Crush/Crumble the khoya.

Heat a heavy bottom bottom kadhai/pan and add khoya. 

On low heat, saute it till it changes colour to pale golden brown – ensure that you stir continuously so that it doesn’t stick to the pan or burn. Remove from the pan and keep aside.

In the same pan, heat ghee/oil on medium heat.

Add green chillies and ginger paste and saute till moisture evaporates.

Add fresh tomato puree and saute till oil separates.

Add in the red chilli powder, Kashmiri red chilli powder,coriander powder, fennel powder and salt. Let the spices cook with the tomatoes for a couple of minutes.

Add in the peas and khoya. Mix thoroughly and let everything cook together for another couple of minutes.

Add half cup water and bring to a boil. Let the water come to a boil, cover and simmer for about 10 minutes till oil starts separating at the sides. 

Sprinkle Garam masla and give a final stir.

Remove from heat, cover and let it rest for five minutes. 

Serve with naan or paranthas.