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Panch Phoron / The Bengali Five Spice mix...ask and you shall receive!!!

Panch Phoron (Bengali Five Spice mix)a couple of you had messaged to ask what it is and how to make, here it goes

Bengali 5 Spice Masla mmskitchenbites

The basic everyday use Panch Phoron Mix


  • Shorshe/Sarson/Black Mustard seeds
  • Mouri/Saunf/Fennel seeds
  • Methi/Fenugreek seeds
  • Kalo Jeere/Kalonji/Nigella seeds/Onion Seeds
  • Jeere/Jeera/Cumin seeds


Take equal quantities of the above five ingredients, put it in a small container and shake vigorously.  And it is done!

Panch Phoron is normally used in combination with dried red chilies for tempering. A few recipes on the blog which use Panch Phoron:

The Variations:

  • Add the sixth spice i.e. Radhuni/ Ajmod/Wild Celery seeds in half the quantity used for each of the other five ingredients (i.e. use ½ tsp Radhuni if you have used 1 tsp each of Shorshe, Mouri, Methi, Kalo Jeere and Jeere)...and yes, adding another ingredient makes is Chhoi (six) Phoron. Chhoi Phoron is normally used only for specific dishes like Shukto, Labra etc.

  • Substitute Mustard with Wild Celery seeds

  • Substitute Cumin with Wild Celery seeds

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